Important Information

Whilst leaders take every care, your comfort
and safety are your own responsibility. Everyone
taking part in Otley Walking Festival does so at
their own risk.
Clothing and footwear appropriate for the
conditions are essential.
Bring a packed lunch on walks starting in the
morning and lasting more than 3 hours.
Make sure that you bring plenty of water to
drink (at least 2 litres on the longer walks).
Always carry a hat and sunscreen with you
even if it does not feel warm.
The pace of the walk is appropriate to the distance
and the available time. We ask that walkers accept
the pace set. Short walks tend to be at a fairly slow
pace, the longer walks will be much faster. Anyone
getting ahead of the leader may be deemed to have
left the walk.
Under 18s must be accompanied by a
responsible adult.
We would prefer that you did not bring your
dog. If you do, you will be expected to keep your
dog under close control at all times.
Dogs and dog-related incidents are not covered
by the Festival’s insurance so please make sure you
are fully insured if accompanied by your dog.
Timings given for walks do not include time
taken to travel to and from the walk, unless stated.
See our website
for directions to Wharfemeadows car park. Also
check for last minute changes.



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